High quality: The new pattern is made of durable PU leather material, which can be freely selected in various sizes. PU leather mouse pad, large enough to accommodate laptop, mouse and keyboard. When writing, typing or using the mouse, your hands can rest comfortably.
Double sided, single sided design and prominent design: Single sided design is more anti-skid. Each side of the double-sided design mat has a different color. Either side can be used. It has an elegant style, but it is elegant for any table. It gives your workspace a clean, modern look. Cushion design is soft and thin. If you want to keep it in storage or carry it with the you, simply roll it up with the tape. Its purpose is to save space and facilitate carrying.
Comfortable feel and fashion: The excellent feel and function of leather make it more functional and provide you with a truly improved cushion. It can completely cover your desk, define your space, and give you a fashionable and modern professional appearance.
Waterproof and eye protection: It is waterproof and oil proof, and protects the glass/wooden desktop from scratches, stains and spills. Just wipe it with a damp cloth and it is very easy to clean. The surface texture prevents eye irritation caused by light reflection, and alleviates eye fatigue.

Material: Leather
Size: 700*350
Quantity: 1pcs
Color: Light Blue